Robin Wisser Kidder

Art Direction & Design


Robin is a holistic brand builder. Her design range and experience is broad but the process is universal. The honing and in time revealing of the essence of a brand leads to the development of how that voice is expressed in the world, telling the unique story through elegant interplay of visuals, words and concept— giving unique form to the potential. It’s an art that she lives and breathes.

Inspirations include Martial arts, Taoism, the natural world, parenthood, mythology, culture, community, art and craft. Guiding people and organizations to identify, voice, and grow in their [brand] narrative brings her great joy

She does
brand thinking
creative direction
product development
& design

Robin is available for consulting and freelance art direction and design. She resides in the NYC metro area. For more info on her background and experience, please contact Robin.