Collaboraction is a premier independent theater company in Chicago.

The company creates a space in which actors, musicians, writers, directors, and fine artists work together in collaborations, creating unique and vibrant multifaceted artworks.


An unconventional and reimagined Carnaval is the theme of this year’s primary fundraising event.

Marketing for a modern retelling of Casanova’s story focusing on the isolation resulting from his lifelong quest of the ultimate sexual encounter.

Sketchbook 5 is the fifth anniversary of the mashup theater, performance and interactive music and art festival. The theme this year is art in space. Each color represents one of the 25 short performance pieces making up the festival lineup.


Collaboraction values the creative process above all else and the 2010 season brochure embodies this principle.
This playful puzzle it is an interactive art piece, a calendar of events and a holiday gift.